In Nerezine itself we have several beaches suitable for family enjoyment.

The main beach is Rapoća Beach.  

Rapoća Beach

Rapoća Beach

It is located in the centre, between the main port and the bay of Fratrija, towards Osor. The beach is 200-300 meters away from Vila Iginia. There is something for everyone at Rapoca Beach. The flat concrete part is closest to the centre of town. There is plenty of room. The entrance to the water is up the stairs and there is a ramp for gradual entry into the water. Extensions include rocks suitable for sunbathing and smaller pebble beaches. Ideal for smaller children because of the gradual entry into the sea and play areas.

Beaches continue to this part for every taste. In the immediate vicinity of the port of Fratri, there is a section with sand. On the beach there are showers, changing rooms and catering facilities.

Lučica beach

Plaža Lučica

Lučica Beach

On the other side of the main port, we come to the area of Lucica. The beach is flat and stone access to the water. The pebble and fine gravel section offer gradual entry into the water. This beach is a ten-minute walk from Villa Iginia.

Galboka beach

In the extension, we reach the shipyard and the third port in the town, the port of Biskupija. Entering the harbour is dominated by the old ship Mirna, which is anchored here and sunk in order to make a breakwater from the waves during a stronger wind. Below this beach, we come to secluded sunbathing cliffs. At the very end of the place are a large bay and Galboka beach.

If you are coming to Nerezine for the first time, we believe that in a few days you will find your favourite beach and that you will always be glad to return to it.

Ridimutak beach

Plaža Ridimutak

Ridimutak Beach

For those who do not find it difficult to drive to the nearby beach by car, we would recommend Ridimutak Beach. The beach is located on the road to Osor, just after leaving Nerezine. The beach is in the woods and there are plenty of places to enjoy the shade when you don’t swim. The entrance to the water is on two sides. On one side, right next to the parking lot, there are pebbles and fine gravel, and a little farther in there is a sandy bay, a children’s sandpit. The entrance to the water is gradual, and the whole bay is sandy with crystal clear water. There is also a Ridimutak beach bar next to the beach where you can refresh yourself with cold or hot drinks and have a meal without having to cook yourself. It is very lively in the evening and we believe one of the nicer parts of all ages. It is also possible to reach the beach on foot, along a well-maintained pedestrian path that starts at the Nerezine city port and ends near Ridimutak Beach, a 20-minute walk from Vila Iginia.