The village of Nerezine is located as the first place on the island of Lošinj after crossing the swivel bridge in Osor, an island of Cres.
Nerezine is home to two hundred people, while in the summer months life is on the streets almost all day long. The village is dominated by the Franciscan Church bell tower and monastery (15th century). The church interior is filled with religious art, including the lovely painting of the Virgin with a child of an unknown Venetian painter from the 15th century.   There are two other churches in the place.
Nerezine harbour

Sunset at Nerezine harbour

Nerezine is a village which gradually grew from field labouring and sheepherding to a fishing and seafaring settlement, with a shipyard known for its skilled workmen and construction of wooden ships. There are also 3 ports in Nerezine. The marina for nautical tourists also operates in the main port. The famous shipyard has a long tradition and is still operational today.

We believe that if you have not already, you will discover the magic of the island of Lošinj, as well as the whole of Kvarner.

In the centre of the village, there is a supermarket, pharmacy and ambulance. Numerous cafes provide refreshments in the sun, overlooking the sea.


Beaches in and near the area will satisfy the majority of visitors, from young children to senior citizens.


Nightlife is present in several locations in the town, which is interesting for all ages.
The place is very quiet. The main thoroughfare of the island has been moved to the bypass and the main road in the town is now much quieter, with significantly less traffic.